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With over 15 years’ experience in athletic development, coaching, and personal growth; Coach Dorron has created a system for turning you into the best version of yourself.

Why Ignite with Dorron


His coaching programs encompass the entire being. Ignite with Dorron is for you if you feel stuck in life, lack energy, need accountability, and want better results overall in all phases of your life!

Ignite is a life changing coaching system that will:

• Fuel your mind!

• Spark your Health!

• Kindle your BEST life!

• Inspire personal growth and development!

• Energize Your Goals!

What People Say About Ignite with Dorron

I’m a firm believer we can all use great coaching no matter what we do In life. Dorron has been an instrumental part of my professional and personal growth. Through his athlete growth program I was able to unleash answers I had within myself. From a fitness professional to another, I continue to appreciate his mentorship and guidance. Till this day I continue to apply the principles I learned with him to keep me focused.

Jhoel Gaona Partner at OTF and Rise31

I began working with Dorron as a high school student, training for football. Dorron helped me become an all-county free safety, earn a spot into the Broward County All-Star game, and receive multiple scholarship offers. Dorron’s knowledge and advice extend far beyond just physical performance coaching. Dorron also helped me greatly with the mental side of the game and gave me some of the best overall life advice I have ever received. I continue to look up to Dorron as a role model today.

Jason Donker Young Professional
What are the advantages of working with Ignite with Dorron?

Dorron provides you with a realistic action plan and understands that every individual is different. As a former Division 1 Athlete and Ultimate Athlete Champion, Dorron understands what it takes to compete at a high level in Athletics and Life! With a proper plan in place, you will be fired up to ignite your goals!


How do the coaching sessions work?

Sessions are based on your goals and can be tailored for 30-45 minutes or 60-90 minutes. Dorron meets with you twice a month to ignite your goals! Coaching sessions are individually and grouped priced. They are tailored to your specific needs. Pricing on coaching sessions are based on 3-12 month packages. Contact Dorron for more information and to get a FREE CONSULTATION! 



Are you reaching your full potential?

Ignite with Dorron will inspire you to grow and follow your passion in life! Whether you have specific athletic, business, or personal goals; Dorron can empower your mind to achieve what you truly desire!




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